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NOT ALL MOLD IS DANGEROUS! Don't Let Other Companies Scare You and Your Family!
Absolutely Spotless, Inc. has been serving the homeowners of Mantua NJ Since 1995!

Mold Removal, Mold Remediation
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Absolutely Spotless, Inc. has been satisfying the need for Mantua New Jersey mold removal, testing, remediation, inspection, for twenty plus years. We are proud to offer our vast years of experience in dealing with the communities’ inspection, testing, removal and remediation problems. During recent times the news media and local health departments have created a much greater awareness of these types of problems in residential homes and offices. It has become a serious problem and one that will affect the health of you and your family. This is why you want to hire the most knowledgeable and experienced company to handle these matters as opposed to a novice who has just entered the business. We will perform the necessary inspection and testing procedures prior to beginning your Mantua NJ mold removal, remediation. We will then explain precisely what Mantua NJ mold removal, remediation, procedures will be needed to correct all of your issues in their entirety.

Mold Remediation Mantua NJ 08051 Mold Testing Mantua NJ 08051 Mold Inspection Mantua NJ 08051

Mold Removal Mantua New Jersey

Mold Remediation Mantua New Jersey 
Mold Testing Mantua New Jersey Mold Inspection Mantua New Jersey

Mold Inspection, Mold Testing
Mantua NJ 08051

If you suspect that you might need Mantua NJ mold removal, remediation, in the basement of your home you should call us to begin a thorough inspection and testing of your residence. Sometimes basement removal and remediation procedures will become necessary as a result of basement waterproofing issues. Perhaps your cinderblock walls are taking in moisture from outside and require encapsulation. Other times you may need a sump-pump or you might even need a basement waterproofing system installed as a result of regular water issues. Whatever the case is, Absolutely Spotless is here to provide Mantua NJ mold removal, remediation, to permanently eliminate these problems from your home.

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Mold Remediation, Mold Removal
Mantua NJ 08051

There are many steps to follow before we can proclaim your Mantua NJ mold removal, remediation, has been successfully completed. First the source of your problem must be repaired. Things like damaged flashing, a broken sump pump, or a plumbing or roof leak must first be repaired. Then the removal of all unsalvageable contents and building materials musty take place. Then a thorough HEPA vacuuming of all contaminated materials is done prior to cleaning them with a mild cleaning agent. Then heavily wet them with an antimicrobial fungicide. After this is complete we will need to encapsulate everything with a paint sealant that inhibits re-growth. Then a final Mantua NJ mold inspection, testing, will be necessary to verify the successful completion of your project. At absolutely Spotless we perform Mantua NJ removal, remediation, the right way!

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